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Videos of your songs can be the most powerful promotional tool available.  There are many stories of unknown bands making edgy videos that went viral and made the band  famous.  An effective video does not have to be expensive , it only has to be interesting.  You can easily whip something up on a home camera.  YouTube is an incredible venue for exposing new bands.  Many artists will simply use a slide show they put together on Windows Movie maker backed with an MP3 of their song.  Its not a bad idea to have some kind of video for each of your songs.  This helps with website SEO,  hand branding  and general exposure.   Many people search for songs or look for new and exciting music on YouTube.  

Of course all this is useless if no one watches your video.  The first key to getting plays is your video description and keywords you use.  One trick is to compare yourself to other artists and then use that artist in your keywords .   The purpose being to hijack some of their plays.  What you're trying to do is to come up in the search results of a popular band.  This is an incredible amount of free promotion and it allows you to target your fan base.

This can be done directly by using the Video Response feature of YouTube.  You can find videos of bands you think may be similar to you or attract the demographic that you're after and then post your Video as a Response to theirs.  This is great exposure and will generate a lot of plays.

One of the easiest ways to get your Video watched is by using a Point System Promoter like YouLikeHits.   By following  their members on twitter or viewing certain websites you can get reciprocal plays on your Video.  Join YouLikeHIts  Here . 

Although Youtube is far and away the most popular video site on the web getting 1 billion visitors a month ,  There are many alternatives and as always sometimes it is easier and more effective to use a friendlier vehicle.
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