Social Media

Social Media Networking is one of the most powerful tools an Artist has to spread the word.  Not so long ago every band had a page on Myspace and spent loads of time promoting ,  getting new fans and plays.  Unfortunately there were so many bands on Myspace , it seemed like it became a huge joke where bands spent all their time spamming to other bands.  Eventually Myspace became one huge marketing mush pile that users left in droves once they had an alternative.

Facebook had a better idea and catered to how people really wanted to use the web to explore their life and  social connections.   Because Facebook is very cautious about the integrity of communication,  music promotion on Facebook is very tricky.  We have a whole section on this you really have to check out. 

Twitter, on the other hand is a much easier way to reach a lot of people with out worrying too much.  I would recommend all bands to get an automated Twitter Robot  and a bunch of Twitter accounts.  The best strategy for success on Twitter is to let you Ro(Bot) find fans of similar bands and follow them, with the hope that they will check out your band and follow you back.  Twitter allows you to send tweets with links to your songs or videos all day long.  Like any social media , its all about really connecting with your fans and then maintaining the connection.  This is hard work but you knew it wouldn't be easy.

The ultimate goal of Social Network Media is to add the new fan to you mailing list.  THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST.   Once fans are used to getting your , "intimate " communications , they will be ready to buy your products.

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