Radio (web and broadcast)

Internet radio is big and getting bigger,  My favorite station, Indie 103.1  in Los Angeles , recently left the airwaves to become internet only.  This converted me and tens of thousands to web based broadcast.  The ranks are growing every day.  Many of these stations are looking for new artists and the exposure can be incredible.

Pandora  this station uses algorithms of music a listener likes to find more music that he will like.

Its a fast growing platform and they do accept submissions.   it costs but it works ,  you'll get your songs played against the artists you choose.  You'll get lots of new fans and a lot of good stats on who likes your songs.






Here's a bunch of broadcasters just waiting to play your tunes for free ......



if you don't have time to do all the footwork ,

you can always pay  someone  else to do it for you .........



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