Myspace is your first stop for music promotion.  By establishing a myspace page you are instantly in front of a world audience. 

                     But remember, Myspace is FLOODED with bands and music.  So , to get noticed,   several factors are of utmost importance for your Myspace promotion.

      1, Design   You have to stand out.   Your site has to be inviting and easy on the eyes,   Try some of these  links for help in designing your myspace page.

                  freecodesource            pimp-my-profile     myspace master                 


       2.  Target your market.  Figure out which popular artists fans would like your music and invite them to be your friends.    This is the most incredible part of Myspace.   Your target demographics are laid out for you.   It is tedious and time consuming.  but you can actually find an audience one by one for your music.       If you'd like an easier route  heres some componies that will help you for a fee....

      3,  Develop a 1-on-1 relationship with your new fans.   This is very time consuming but it really pays off.

Once you find a new fan, send them personel e-mail,  draw them in. communicate and market.

      4,  Myspace Charts,    Choose the catagory of music decribes you best but is least competitive,  The Reason for this is that Myspace Music keeps comprehensive charts and being near the top is great promotion. Being new the Myspace is a great asset to topping the charts , because they are based on averave amount of plays per day,  So hit the ground runing , (try to get at least 100 plays per day from day one ) and keep up the momentum and you will be amazed to see yourself charting immediately. 

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