Marketing Plan

                                                            Marketing Plan

                                         Let's look at a simple plan for making $45,000/year.

 What you need is  3,000 fans that will spend $15 dollars a year on your stuff.  (CD's, downloads. merchandise , ring tones ,  etc )  Getting these loyal patrons can seem impossible until you have a step by step plan and  some solid goals.    We are constantly searching through peoples plans and success stories to find the ones that really work.  We'll assume frist that you have some tracks finished and mastered and you are looking to sell them and promote yourself.   Your first and most important step is to build a sales page,  or what is called a Squeeze Page.   The purpose of this landing page is to introduce you to the potential audience member and get them interested enough to "squeeze" their email address out of them. This is your foot in the door.   Once you have their email address you can begin the flirtation.   Send them free stuff,  tell them stories , get them interested and involved.  Then magically they will start to buy your stuff.   Its a long hard process, but the rewards are the freedom to CREATE.

Step 1.    Give People A Place to Buy Your Music   

Simple concept , but crucial decisions must me made.   The Internet is a huge and confusing place and things are changing all the time.   To simplify this step we reccomend  CD BABY as a great place to start.    They have been around forever and have always done a great job at making music available for sale.   For about $35  your CD's will be available at their online store and distributed digitally all over the web.  They'll put your music on i-tunes, Rhapsody,  Spotify.  Basically everywhere.   There are other options and for those click here.

Step 2  Set up a Mass E-Mail Account  

A good e-mail company is essential to your marketing program.  There are ways to do this for free but e-mail marketing is tricky.   You can get in a lot of trouble if people think your spamming.  Putting a legit company in charge of this makes it easier and safer for you. We recommend  MAD MIMI .  They are the cheapest we've found and their customer sercice is great.  Real people who really care.  Your email company will collect new sign-ups for you and allow you to update all your fans and eventually sell them your new products. For a detailed comparison of all the available email providers click here.

Mad Mimi Email Marketing

Step 3    A Website  and a blog.   

This is another basic need for music marketing.   We would recommend Yola.   You get 5 websites for free.  You can make it look really good.  You can add videos and music . They can handle massive traffic .  And you can always upgrade to a better looking site with them.  The website is where potential fans will go to check you out.  Remember music consumers are very picky these days ,  There's a lot of new music out there .  You must make a website that tells your story and excites the people who will like your music.    You should include  lots of information abour your music and most importantly an email signup form from your email provider.   Every visit to your site is crucial and should ideally result in a sign-up.


Step 4   A Squeeze Page   

This is a page on your web site where email address's are "squeezed" out of your visitors.   Internet marketers know this as the sales page.   It is where users are convinced to make a decision about your product.   We recommend an offer of free MP3's of your songs in exchange for an email address.  Reverbnation has some great free widgets that will do this for you if you want.   You need contact information to make these interested individuals fans.   The visit to your site is the beginning of a process that will eventually lead to them buying your products,  hopefully for the rest of their lives.

Step 5  Publicity 

The Trap is now set and you must provide the cheese.   You need to expose your music wherever you can with links back to your website and email signup forms.   You can publicize your music by sending out  FREE PRESS RELEASES ,   sending friend requests to fans of similar music on FACEBOOK or MYSPACE,  Sending CD's to Music Reviewers,  Contacting Music Blogs about your Music,   ADDING TWITTER FRIENDS then tweeting updates about your music,  Making Music Videos and posting them on YouTube,  Writing Articles about a topic of interest and including information about your music and  submitting it to Article Databases.    Publicizing music is an amazing task .  The Internet has made it very easy to get the word out. But like anything in life its about knowing how to get the best bang for the buck.   Creativity is always rewarded in Music Marketing. One very innovative Marketing Method is to write articles about your band or something related to music and submit them to Article Directories to spead throughout the Web.  There is software available that will do this automatically and definitely will bring a lot of traffic to your Web Site.  .


To learn more about Article Sunmission.


Step 6  Milking Your List      

If you have been diligent about your publicity campaign it should be paying off on your email list.    It will trickle at first, then the flow will begin.   Many people will sigh up to get your free tunes.   The next step is very delicate.   You must begin an email campaign to gradually introduce yourself to your prospect.     This is a dance that that takes time to master.   But if you have done it right after several emails you should start asking them to buy something.  If they buy and like ,  you 

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