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Recently   an  unknown band,    Florence and the Machine    became  huge  promoting  directly to critics.  They were an  Indie  Band  who  sent  their  music  exclusively  to  Music Reviewers.  This paid off huge for them when they received
the English equivalent to a Grammy BEFORE the album
                   was ever commercially available.

Getting reviewed is one of the most important avenues of free promotion. Countless new artists have been brought into the mainstream  by reviewers. Getting reviewed is tricky business when you're starting out.   Reviewers are besieged with material.  They are hounded not only by major labels but by up and comers banging on the door of rock super stardom.                       
                         So what can a poor boy do?

We used to print a list of places you could send your material to get it reviewed but we came to think this is probably not the best way for a new band.  A much better method involves some social media interaction.   Once you feel that you are ready for some mass attention you should begin searching for local music bloggers.
Court anyone who has access to an audience.   A quick google search for "(city name) music bloggers"  will turn up a gold mine of leads.   Hopefully you have spent some time building a Facebook and Twitter audience  because this will give you some all important credibility.  

Yes your music should shine through and should be all you need.  But the reality is music bloggers are human and humans have a herd mentality.  Any blogger will feel safer promoting a band with some followers than one without.   When you get followed back by a trend setter and you thank them for the follow they will check to see how many followers you have .   This is where it's laughable to buy followers because if the blogger checks and finds 100,000 followers he will know its bullshit if he hasn't already heard of you .  So you gotta work. 

Build a live and online audience .  Then approach bloggers and first engage them in a conversation about their blog and music in general .  Then casually ask if they would check out your stuff.   The easy , low key approach is the best.  Let them champion it if they want.  Don't piss them off.  You will find tons of music bloggers on Twitter and they all are waiting to hear the next big thing.

All Music Guide    an institution on the web , many digital download sites use your  All Music review as a part of your profile

Pitchfork    the total home for ground-breaking new indie artists , many music junkies search for new stuff here

Meta-Critic    tons of critics from all over on one site

Rolling Stone   the gran-daddy of them all
is only a click away,  the odds are way against  an  indie getting reviewed here , but why not shoot for the moon 

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