Worldwide Distribution For Your Music

 In 2013 the music industry took in 15 Billion Dollars.  About half was CD's and half was digital downloads and streaming.  There are some great avenues for the indie musician to cash in on this.  The three main services that will help shepard your material out into the world are

   CD Baby         TuneCore         IndigoBoom

In general the difference between the three comes down to cost and how you get paid.  CD Baby charges about $60 per album and pays 91% of the revenue back to the artist.  Tune Core costs $50 per year per album but pays 100% of the revenue.  Newcomer Indigo Boom offers a lifetime membership for $99 , unlimited releases and 85% payout.  Indigo seems to be the best deal.  They are new so there is not a long performance record to look at.

If you are doing a physical CD release you may want to opt for CD Baby who are known for selling tons of CD's but now Tunecore is offering some physical sales through Amazon.

Whatever you decide, decide to jump in.  The water is warm.  All three services cater to like 80 different digital outlets so you can be assured your music will be available all over the place.  There seems to be new streaming services popping up every day and these distributors are quick to jump on board.

CD baby and TuneCore also offer services that collect royalties.  Rumblefish on CD Baby is great at collecting lost royalties from YouTube.

There is nothing more thrilling in the world than logging on to your CDbaby online account and viewing your royalty statement.  To realize that people around the world are listening and buying your music is an indescribable high.

                 CDbaby vs TuneCore  vs Indigoboom

                                                            CDBABY                                     TUNECORE                                                   INDIGOBOOM

Price for one album                               60                                                  29 first year                                               59-99 one time fee

                                                                                                                       50 per year                                              lifetime membership

Percentage Paid                                    91%                                                  100%                                                          70-85 %

Physical CD's                                        yes                                                through Amazon                                            no

digital stores                                          95 +                                                      80+                                                          18

speed of digital delivery                            ?                                                           ?                                                      itunes overnight

         Create iMixes up in the iTunes music store.

Get your music into streaming radio sites, such as Last.fm, Pandora, Launch, iLike, etc. Send it to MP3 bloggers who review your genre of music. Post videos on YouTube. And get yourself on wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. These efforts often just require doing something once and can drive people to find your music. ReverbNation www.reverbnation.com has many helpful tools that can save you a lot of time and maximize your online reach. Some people hire a promoter to do it for them



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