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Get ready to take some notes.  Tom Robinson lays it out in this information packed video.   He is the real deal with true, cutting edge information and advice on how to get your music out there and making some money.

• How do you get your music to press, radio and blogs?
• What goes in a press pack and what are people looking for?
• Physical vs. digital press pack
• Is your track right for the radio?
• Setting realistic expectations
• Release formats -- tracks vs. singles vs. EPs & the pros and cons of physical
• The pros and cons of hiring PR & Plugging specialists
• Developing an online presence -- websites, social networking, SEO & blogs

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Apparently  there is now some decent money in streaming.  After years of being beaten down by stories of people who had gotten god-zillions of plays and made next to nothing  the new numbers are in.  According to Time Magazine, if you made it into the top 20 of Spotify for the month of October  2014  you would have taken home a minimum of $120,000.   Every musician I know  stepped back and took a huge breath when reading this.  We all  could live pretty well on 100k a month.  Of course it took like 20 million streaming plays to earn this but damn it is something to shoot for.  A quick glance reveals that most of these bands , though not household names do have major backing.  But to be honest one rabid manager working 10 hours a day can make quite a dent in the mass psyche. 

The best news is that the pot is getting bigger.  Spotify has 50 million listeners and 10 million who pay $10 dollars a month .  Plus they get tons in advertising money.  Subscribers alone give them $100 million a month that can be payed out.  Time based their figures on a payout of .006 to .0064 per stream   Taylor Swift claims that she only received 500k and Spotify owes her a lot.  This is typical fare for the Music Biz , nobody ever wants to pay. 

The good news is that the future is looking brighter.  We can sing and play and write knowing there is still a chance of getting paid at some point.

 Would You Write Songs For $23,000 per year  ?

Meet Matt Farley.  He made $23.000 off his song catalog last year.  His song catalog is rather large. 16,000 songs.  Matt writes about 100 songs a week.  After years of struggling in a "serious" band , Matt stumbled on to some Search Engine Magic.  It seems that people search for a lot of odd things on music sites like Spotify.  What Matt tries to do is write a song for every possible search query then collect a royalty when his odd little song gets played.  He writes about everything from office supplies to cities to celebrities.  Some call what he does spam but Matt considers it using his craft to make money.  The lesson here for the aspiring songwriter is to think outside the box.  The rules have changed and we must adapt.


  Don't Pay For Someone's Opinion

I'm really mad.  I just got an e-mail from a band that was filled with such misinformation it made me sick.  The basic premise was that there were services that would tell you if your songs were good enough for "labels" and if you didn't pass their test you should start working on new songs because you would never get anywhere.  This is certainly a recipe for failure.  The only and ultimate judge of your songs is yourself and your audience. To pay some supposed "expert" to alter your vision is the best way possible to never be heard.   This band had paid a sum of money to an evaluation website , that would then pass the music on , if good enough to another site who would decide if it would be liked by one of the many independent labels they shopped to.  

The problems with this model are many

1.  If anybody in the "Music Business"  really knew what they were doing the Music Business would still be in business and not Bankrupt as it is now.

2.  If any of your favorite songwriters believed in these types of experts more than they believed in their own vision,  you never would have heard of them.

3. The main goal of a musician, band or any artist is to create the art they are PASSIONATE about and find a market for it.

4, Get as many opinions as possible , but put very little belief in any of them.  If you have two people who like your music you can find 20,000 more.

The great thing about the digital world is that the gatekeepers are gone,  why pay some schmuck to be your gatekeeper,  his only real power is the money you give him and that money should be used to FIND your audience



       Allow The Internet To Promote Your Music

Today, you can write a song in the morning and have a world wide hit by evening.
Back in the old days there were gatekeepers in the Music Business.   These Record Label Moguls would decide who would make it and who would not..  Bands would spend all their time and money making demos and doing showcases for these decision makers. 

Well the game has changed.  Completely. The playing field is leveled.    A kid in Kansas with some good songs and some internet savvy can compete with the largest record labels in the world.

It is a truly glorious day.   But it comes with a price,  Today's musician must know how to work the world's most incredible promotional machine ever,   the World Wide Web,




This site  is  dedicated  to  giving  you  the tools  and  information  to do so.    We  will cover  everything from the initial recording, mixing  and  uploading  to online promotion and getting the attention you want.  None of this is easy.  Its really a huge responsibility in a way because if your music is not being exposed  to  a huge audience it is nobody's fault but yours.  The tools are available and the  audience  is  waiting.      There are 6.8  Billion   People in the world  today,  and  70 million  more  coming aboard every month.  All  you  really  need  to  make a living with music  is  probably  about  3,000  fans  who will spend about $15 dollars a year on your stuff.  That  gives  you  $45 K  per  year  off online  sales  and  you  are  officially living  the  dream.   You  will  find  links  for distribution, reviews, press releases ....


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        and the best part is ......  most of it is absolutely free 

Let's look at a simple plan for making $45,000/year.    What you need is  3,000 fans that will spend $15 dollars a year on your stuff.  (CD's, downloads. merchandice , ringtones ,  etc )   Getting these loyal patrons can seem impossible until you have a step by step plan and  some solid goals.    We are constantly searching through peoples plans and success stories to find the ones that really work.  We'll assume frist that you have some tracks finished and mastered and you are looking to sell them and promote yourself.   Your first and most important step is to build a sales page,  or what is called a Squeeze Page.   The purpose of this landing page is to introduce you to the potential audience member and get them interested enough to "squeeze" their email address out of them. This is your foot in the door.   Once you have their email address you can begin the flirtation.   Send them free stuff,  tell them stories , get them interested and involved.  Then magically they will start to buy your stuff.   Its a long hard process, but the rewards are the freedom to CREATE.




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